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T​​GRAPHIC DESIGN / ILLUSTRATION  .............................  $30.00 per HOUR
    Applied Design, Logo Design, Print Marketing (Magazine layout, brochures, mailers, business cards, letterheads, posters, etc...), Spot Illustrations, Children's Book Illustrations, Portraits, T-Shirt Design, Wall Murals, Tattoo 
Design (just the art), Caricatures, Landscapes, Sign Painting, Greeting Cards, etc...

Black/White  $120.00  /  Full Color  $160.00

Black/White  $180.00  /  Full Color  $220.00

Black/White  $260.00  /  Full Color  $300.00

Black/White  $340.00  /  Full Color  $380.00


Small 8x10  --------------------------

Medium 11x14  ----------------------

Large 16x20  -------------------------

XLarge 20x30  -----------------------

     *STIPPLING is a common technique that involves using tiny closely-placed dots to create an image, particularly line drawings.  The dots add texture, shadows and tone to a drawing.  They are denser where darker is required, and more sparse to indicatate highlights or a smooth space.  "Stipple" comes from the latin word to pierce.  I often refer to this technique as POINTILLISM, only because it is a term that most people are familiar with.  But technically, Pointillism is the same type of technique, but used in painting and is in color.

     Because of the fact that this style of art is so very detailed and time-consuming, I simply charge by the size of the piece.  Larger custom pieces will obviously involve more time, and so, cost more.

COMIC BOOK / SEQUENTIAL ART  ....................  $100.00 per PAGE

WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT  ...............  $2000.00 to $5000.00 Varies per JOB 

All prices are subject to change.