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This is my copyrighted flagship title.

     Bounty Hunter/Private Investigator Alexander Buck has been my baby, no…  my obsession since 1991.  I have already penned out well over 100 issues.  His saga takes place in Earth's distant future (…and past).  It's the year 2237, and man has long since branched out to colonize Mars and other small outposts throughout the galaxy.  Earth is now considered the "badlands".  Two hundred years earlier, depleted resources and a cataclysmic asteroid impact forever changed the face of the planet.  Mankind was forced to expand to the stars to survive.  Small experimental planetary colonys became major off-world cities.  Those who choose to remain on Earth, now must live inside doomed force field covered cities.  The few that are left.  Buck lives in what was once the 20th century city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Now known as New Washington or simply "The Pitt" by the locals.  There are no longer countries or states.  There is only one galactic government encompassing all nationalities based on Mars.  The UNES, which stands for The United Nations of Earth and Space.  Buck's cases will find him involved in many weird and possibly even supernatural situations.  He is accompanied in his adventures by his amnesiac secretary, known only as G, and occasionally his ex partner Marc Salerno.

     DAM COMICSTM is an endeavor that I've been literally visualizing and planning for over 20 years.  The name has changed many times.  But these stories have stayed, thrived and grown to massive proportions in my head and are demanding to be released upon the world.  This crappy economy and the drastic drop in the comic book market since the 90's has always persuaded me from telling these stories.  I even played the possibility of instead releasing these as novels since they have become so very detailed over the years.  But enough is enough.  Sequential art is the media I always envisioned for these characters.  It's time to do this thing.  Everything's been copyrighted and trademarked and now ready to go.  I want to release them as graphic novels.  Each "movie length adventure" collected in it's own bound book.  I'm currently pricing around with different printers and distributers to find the best prices.

     Discovered a great avenue to do just this.