Creator of

BIRTH DATE:----November 27, 1972

BIRTHPLACE:---Warren, Pennsylvania

EDUCATION:-----Warren Area High School,  Art Institute of Pittsburgh

ARTISTIC INFLUENCES:    Art Adams, Rob Liefeld, Mike Zeck, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Greg

Capullo, Erik Larsen, John Bryne, Barry Windsor-Smith, Larry Elmore, Joe Jusko, Stan Lee, Chris

Hill and of course, the legend Jack Kirby.

BIOGRAPHY:   Michael Thomas Kramer, also known to friends as family as Buck (due to being

born on the first day of Buck Season), has been interested in creating art almost from the time he

could pick up a crayon.  Most people would remember him as the kid who always drawing in class

instead of doing his assignments.  He discovered comic books at a young age.  The Fantastic Four, Aquaman, X-Men, Batman, The Shadow and Jughead being just a few of his favorites.  He would spend hours everyday drawing superheroes, dreaming of one day working for Marvel Comics or DC Comics.  This creative obsession continued throughout high school and later to art school.  This was a wonderful experience that expanded his interest and appreciation of art to all of the different fields that it encompasses.  He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1993, earning an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology in Visual Communications, Majoring in Applied Design and Minoring in Illustration.  After graduation, he soon found work as the solo artist at the well known screen-printing shop, Inkspot Graphics.  This experience still holds a great fondness with him, since although many years have past since working there, he still occasionally sees some-one wearing one of his designs.  Having worked in both the advertising and screen-printing fields, he has discovered that he prefers the artistic freedom, creativity and overall client satisfaction that comes from freelance projects.

     After years of living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Buck and his family returned to their hometown of Warren in 2004.  Now divorced, he's enjoyng life though his artwork being a dad to his four wonderful children, Caitlin, Ashley, Logan and Connor.

HOBBIES:   Drumming, Texas Hold'Em, Pittsburgh Penquins, Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers, camping, softball, lighthouses, comic books, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, golf, bowling, sci-fi and collecting anything pirate-themed especially his personal favorite, Blackbeard.


-----To obtain a position as your Freelance Graphic Artist applying my diversified skills and training in Applied Design, Illustration, Advertising, Website Development, Production and/or Comic/Sequential Art.


-----Illustrations including pen & ink spot illustrations, computer graphics, airbrush, acrylics, oils, marker renderings, pencils, colored pencils, logos, screen-printing and humorous illustrations.


-----APPLE / MACINTOSH: X, 9, 8, 7.5, 7

-----WINDOWS: 8, 7, XP, NT, 98, 95, OS/2


-----Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 and 2, Macromedia Flash 4 and 3, Macromedia Fireworks 3 and 2, Macromedia Freehand 11, 8, 5, 4, 3 and 1, Macromedia Director 7, Adobe Photoshop C53, 5.5 and 3, Adobe PageMaker 7, 6.5, 6 and 4.2, Adobe Illustrator C52 and 8, Adobe Acrobat 10, 8, 7, 5 and 4, Quark XPress, MetaCreations Poser 3, MetaCreations Ray Dream Studio 5, Net Objects Fusion, Fractal Design Painter 5, QuickTime Pro 7 and 6.5, Kai Power Tools, GIMP, My TypeArtist, TypeStyler 2, Aldus Type Twister, FileMaker Pro, DeskScan 2, Punch! Super Home Suite, Digital Video Creator 100, DVD Complete 2, DVD Ripper, MovieStar 5, Dazzle Photo Editor, Microsoft Word 10, Microsoft Excel 10, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher 10, Word Perfect, Magellan 3, ClarisWorks, Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, Lotus Notes, Screen Shot Deluxe, MediaFace 2, eShare Technologies Predictive Dialer, RISC 6000 Server, Seagate Crystal Reports, Pella Windows 2, Anderson Windows IQ 8, 7.1, 7 and 6, ExPressit SE 2.1, 20/20 Kitchen Design, 20/20 Pole Barn, Garage and Deck Design, OnCenter OnScreen Takeoff, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Nitro Reader, iTuness, Skype, etc...


09/1993------------ -ART INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH, Pittsburgh, PA

------------------------Associate Degree In Specialized Technology

------------------------Course Study: Visual Communications

------------------------MAJOR: Applied Design

------------------------MINOR: Illustration

------------------------• Received multiple awards for Honor's List and Perfect Attendance.

------------------------• Honorable Mention in the "1992 Head Of The Ohio" logo contest.

06/1991-------------WARREN AREA HIGH SCHOOL, Warren, PA

------------------------High School Diploma

------------------------• 4 years of art and 2 years of drafting.

------------------------• 1991 "Harry Summers Memorial Scholarship" recipient.

------------------------• 1991 First Place in "Warren County Art Show" for a 5-page comic book layout.

------------------------• 1989 "Who's Who Among American High School Students" recipient.

------------------------• Treasurer of the Art Club.

------------------------• Drum Captain of the Marching Band.

------------------------• Drum Section Leader of the Stage/Jazz Band, Orchestra and Concert Band.


-----------------------ELLWOOD METALWORKING INSTITUTE, Irvine, PA

-------------------------Certificates of Achievement

02/2013--------------• 1-Week Course Study: Basic Machining Principles: CNC

06/2012--------------• 5-Week Course Study: Basic Machining Principles: Milling

08/2011--------------• 4-Week Course Study: Basic Machining Principles: Lathes

07/2011--------------• 4-Week Course Study: Basic Machining Principles: Blueprint Reading

07/2011--------------• 4-Week Course Study: Basic Machining Principles: Shop Math

07/2002--------------CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATING INSTITUTE, Pittsburgh, PA

------------------------Certificate of Achievement

-------------------------• 3-Week Course Study: Blueprint Reading and Material Estimating


09/2002 - Present---MICHAEL KRAMER GRAPHICS, Warren, PA

-------------------------Owner / Freelance Graphic Artist

-------------------------• Freelance art and design.

-------------------------• Develop and provide custom work electronically or through traditional techniques.

-------------------------• Realistic illustration, pointillism, website design, airbrush, comic/sequential art, murals, portraits, technical illustration, caricatures, logos, posters,

---------------------------photography, brochures, letterheads, business cards, etc...

02/2000 - 03/2001--INDEPENDENT ARTISANS INCORPORATED, Pittsburgh, PA

-------------------------Co-Founder / Vice President

-------------------------• Co-conceptualized and implemented an online cooperative web community for all types of independent artists and artisans.

-------------------------• Duties included attending conventions and festivals to campaign new members, project planning, web development, server reporting and

---------------------------analysis and employee interviewing.

-------------------------• Business was taking off great, but the sudden economy drop in 2001 forced too many of our financial supporters to back out of any endeavers.

07/1996 - 11/1997--GOLF SOLUTIONS & SERVICES, Pittsburgh, PA

-------------------------Freelance Graphic Artist

-------------------------• Maintained website.

-------------------------• Designed programs, brochures, business cards, letterheads, event flyers, etc...

12/1995 - 05/1996--REGISTER GRAPHICS, Randolph, NY

-------------------------Computer Graphic Artist

-------------------------• Composition and page layout, photo retouching, color seperations from optical disks and darkroom work.

-------------------------• Designed programs, brochures, yearbooks, magazine ads, newspaper ads, etc...

-------------------------• Left because I followed my fianceé to Pittsburgh as she attended the University of Pittsburgh.

10/1993 - 12/1995--INKSPOT GRAPHICS, Chandlers Valley, PA

-------------------------Graphic Artist / Screen Printer

-------------------------• Sole artist responsible for custom designs and printed apparel.

-------------------------• Darkroom and paste-up work.

-------------------------• Left to go to work at "Register Graphics".

06/1992 - 09/1993--BLACK UNICORN PUBLISHING, Pittsburgh, PA

-------------------------Freelance Comic Book Artist

-------------------------• Designed characters and concepts for a comic book called, "The Tale of Mordrid".

-------------------------• Illustrated a black-and-white story featuring my own original characters for a comic book of collected short stories called, "Anthologies".


09/2017 - Present-----FXI, Corry, PA 


11/2015 - Present-----AMERICAN RIDE BAND, Erie, PA
--------------------------Drummer / Back-up Vocals

01/2014 - 08/2015---CROSSFIRE, Lander, PA

--------------------------Drummer / Back-up Vocals

05/2008 - 09/2017---ELLWOOD NATIONAL FORGE COMPANY, Irvine, PA

-------------------------Machinist 3 / Machinist 2 / Machinist 1 / General Laborer

05/2004 - 05/2008---CARTER LUMBER COMPANY, Warren, PA

--------------------------Outside Sales / Installed Sales

09/2003 - 05/2004---BLAIR CORPORATION, Irvine, PA

--------------------------Material Handler

09/2002 - 06/2003---MELNICK CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANNANCE, Moon Township, PA

--------------------------Part-Time General Contractor / Handyman

03/2001 - 09/2002---84 LUMBER COMPANY, Moon Township, PA

--------------------------Sales / Installed Sales

07/1996 - 05/2000---PNC BANK CORPORATION, Pittsburgh, PA

--------------------------Project Analyst 2 / Dialer Administrator / Financial Services Consultant / Loan Officer

06/1997 - 08/2000---EAST LIBERTY BAIL BONDS, East Liberty, PA

--------------------------Part-Time Bail Bonds Agent